Our practical dentistry and dental hygiene clinics are open and currently accepting new patients for a wide range of dental services.


We have contracts with all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic:
- General Health Insurance Company
201 - Military Health Insurance Company
205 - Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company
207 - Branch health insurance company
209 - Škoda Employees' Insurance Company
211 - Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior
213 - RBP, health insurance company

You can now pay for our services with your Benefit Plus cards and vouchers!



Price from

Anesthesia (basic)


Tooth extraction (basic)


Making basic X-rays


Preventive inspection


Necessary and urgent care (Acute treatment) - basic examination and treatment according to the insurance company




Price from

White filling (photocomposite)

1,900 CZK

Teeth whitening

8,400 CZK

All-ceramic crown (including imprint and fixation)

12,400 CZK

Dental hygiene* - adult patient

2,150 CZK

Dental hygiene* - pediatric patient

1,100 CZK

Endodontic treatment (simple treatment of one dental canal, including filling)

3,200 CZK

Endodontic treatment under a dental microscope (complicated dental canal treatment including filling)

5,600 CZK

Implant with all-ceramic crown

34,400 CZK

Consultation at the request of the patient

850 CZK

Orthodontic consultation

2.000 CZK

*The listed prices are indicative and depend on the specific scope of performance. When advising certain treatments, the doctor will always suggest the optimal treatment variant and materials. The client is always informed in advance of the procedures available to them, along with the advantages, risks, and cost of alternative options.

*Selected insurance companies contribute to patients' dental hygiene operations. An overview of dental hygiene contributions in 2022 and the conditions for drawing the contribution can be found in the document below.
*Contribution of the insurance company OZP (207) - drawing in the form of a coupon, conditions here.


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